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Take me back. Recreating the 90's Messy Top Knot

Alright Tribe, here's a trick we hope brings a little sparkle to your day. Without denying the challenges of the past month, the O&M Tribe have been reminiscing and letting ourselves go back in time to when things were a little less complicated.

We’ve been checking in on the memories, smells, music and HAIR styles that made us feel light, bright, breezy and carefree.

Meik Wiking, international bestselling Author of The Art of Making Memories, How to Create and Remember Happy Moments credits these sorts of fond and playful memories as ones that can really make a difference in getting us through tougher times and can even help curb depression.

So we called on our gorgeous, forever friend, Brad Mullins, to help us recreate some of the hair hits of the 90’s! Rad, epic rocking locks that you can try out at home (with some of this extra time we all have on our hands).

What better time to reconnect with your girlfriends over video call, grab the tea and tim-tam’s, turn on the classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s (let's be honest, it’s all timeless really) and use this  time to recreate this cool 90’s look that we hope brings with it, a laugh and smile to your face.

Brad Mullin's 90's Messy Top Knot:


STEP 1: Prep

Lightly dry your hair and tousle through a styling cream like Style Guru. For extra oomph spritz with Australian sea salt, Surf Bomb to help add ample texture and volume to your knot. Dry off using a blow dryer or diffuser on medium heat.  

STEP 2: Tie

Leaving two smaller sections of hair loose at the front of your crown, brush all your hair upwards, then pull it high onto the crown of your head and tie with a ponytail at the top. 

Using your fingers, lightly tease out the base of your hairline to pull a few strands free to dial up the effortless, casual effect. 

STEP 3: Texture

Hold your pony tail high then allow it to fall away while lightly spraying a firm hold hairspray like Original Queenie through the hair. Queenie is great for hold, with Australia’s own Lilly Pilly native plant extract which acts as a natural collagen to plump up and add lift to your hair. Use a comb to fluff up the mid to ends of your hair. 

STEP 4: Secure

With bobby pins at the ready, roll up then wrap your hair around the hair tie in a circular motion. Let your hair fall naturally as you wrap then secure with bobby pins at each side of the bun. 

STEP 5: Finesse 

Rub a small amount of a smoothing serum like Frizzy Logic in the palm of your hands and sweep through the sections left free at the crown of your head and twist around your fingers to help them set and fall in a soft wave.

STEP 6: Set

Spritz your final bun with your firm hold hairspray at the top and sides, brushing loose ends at the base of your hair upward to set and forget your top knot with a confident firm hold but enough flex to still look gorgeously lush and natural. 

You’re ready to roll! 

Best worn:

  • Dancing in the living room on a Friday night in gym socks, boy shorts, and slouchy sweater.
  • Singing into the scrubbing brush while doing the washing up.
  • Video date night with your new beau.
  • Playing board games with house mates or virtual headbands!
  • Heading out for a brisk walk to keep the blood pumping. Don’t forget your Walkman!
  • Watching your favourite old school movie.

“I find it’s the simple distractions that get you through. Love a good film at the moment. I go back to all my 80’s favourites, anything with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler in it. All the ones that I remember from my childhood that made me feel good.” – Brad Mullins

Take a deep breath and relish in the comfort of those blissful days gone by and remember that this too shall pass. We can’t wait to see all your 90’s top knots on insta! #originalmineral

Until then, as our lovely Brad says, “We see you we hear you we love you”.

Take care x


Written by Pamela Smid, team Original Mineral 


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