Belinda Mills, Colorist + Owner, Pipsqueek in Saigon     

Belinda Mills, owner of Pipsqueek In Saigon, a boutique salon on the eastern side of Adelaide city. Established in March 2005. Bel, best known for her vibrant colouring techniques, insanely high quality content, placing top 25 in the Behind The Chair One Shot hair awards in multiple categories and all round amazing personality gives us an insight into her routines, rituals and approach to wellness.

“I always excelled in photography, art and drama in high school. I was surprised with how much all of my favourite things aligned in the hairdressing industry, you know painting and sculpting is like cutting and colouring hair, drama, we’re always on show for our clients, being funny and interacting and of course photography, which back then was basically editorial work, nowadays we’ve got instagram and Facebook and all those things, its a missive platform and that’s something I’m even more interested in now. I got into it sort of by accident but it couldn't of aligned with who I am as a person more.”

Bec: Look, it would be wrong for us to start with any other topic than hair. So tell me, what is your current hair routine and preference of style?
Bel: At the moment, I’m more often than not, a wash and wear character. I like my hair messy.
Bec: Low maintenance is the way to go! I totally agree. Do you have any go-to rituals? Specifically for your hair and beauty routine?
Bel: I try and marinate my hair as much as I can in power base… I may of added some Cor restore 1 in my bottle for some extra magic!
Bec: The perks of being a hairdresser, no? COR restore is by far the most nourishing and protective treatment. 
Bel: Absolutely! 

Bec: While we are on the topic of beauty routines, can you talk me through your skincare routine, what brands you are loving at the moment and any tips for maintaining that glow when your schedule is packed. 
Bel: At the moment I’m using mostly dermalogica and try to schedule monthly facials. I have also recently become a fan of dry brushing.
Bec: I have heard of so many amazing short and long term benefits from dry brushing! Post dry brush, shower, do you wear fragrance? If so, do you have one in particular or layer scents? 
Bel: Maison Francis Kurkdjian… No better scent! I also use essential oils from doterra my fave is ylang ylang
Bec: Okay, it’s definitely come up a few times in conversation, but I would love to hear bit more about your travels and if this has inspired and influenced your work. 
Bel: I’ve been lucky to have traveled a lot. My husband is a surfer, travelling with him has taken me to some of the most remote beaches in the world. One of my most memorable trips was when we went to Nias, a small island of Sumatra. We were there for 4 weeks. Incredible place, and you just couldn’t feel further from home. However my fave place for inspo will always be New York and Tokyo.


Bec: Travelling is great, and let's be honest we are all craving it at the moment, but how does home compare to all the places you’ve been? 
Bel: I live a few blocks from the beach at Seacliff in Adelaide. It’s my favourite place in the world! I’ve seen a lot of sand in my time and nothing beats the sand at home. My wardrobe doesn’t have doors because I love to be able to look and appreciate what’s inside, the wardrobe itself is also a piece of art.
Bec: So, what’s I the pipeline for Belinda Mills? Future plans? 
Bel: My future plans are to just keep creating! Keep striving to perfect my business and keep creating magical hair. What ever extra comes with that is a bonus. I’m pretty content at the moment!  

“I feel as though Because I have always looked at hairdressing as art, I’m always striving to create different things. I'm always trying to think, what else can I show people, what else can surprise people. Thats what really drives me, to think what’s next, what can I do differently, what haven’t I or others seen?” 

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Bookings can be made HERE for Pipsqueek In Saigon

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