We are currently living in a time where it’s not always possible to visit a salon to refresh our tresses, but fear not. O&M have you covered to replicate your hair salon pamper ritual at home. Light the candles, dim the lights and invest time into your hair-care.

Follow our O&M Three Step Method for the perfect kind of Clean:

First we Detox

Our Detox Shampoo is designed to remove deposits, the build-up of styling products and chlorine from your hair, all without stripping it of its essential natural oils. Our star ingredient, Peppermint is added to cleanse, invigorate and cool the scalp. Massage through the roots and scalp at least once a week, or before each wash for optimum results. Use both hands to apply varying pressure in small moving circles across your scalp starting at the front and ending at the nape of your neck. Then, reverse the direction with longer, harder strokes up the scalp. This not only feels great, but stimulates the blood vessels below the hair follicles that may encourage hair growth.

 Second, we Cleanse

Choose from our range of shampoos to suit your hairs’ needs. Use our Fine Intellect Shampoo to build volume into lightweight locks. It contains a cocktail of native Australian actives such as Davidson Plum and Lilly Pilly that work to create suppleness, plumping up the hair from the roots.

Our Hydrate and Conquer Shampoo adds a hit of moisture to dry, thick, damaged, chemically treated or coloured hair. This hydrating hero contains the natural moisturiser, Irish Moss Extract and Tasmanian Sea Kelp. This plant based extract that is packed with vitamins and amino acids to help repair the hair

Our antioxidant filled Conquer Blonde Shampoo banishes yellow tones from silver and blonde hair giving it a new lease of life. It wraps the strands in nourishing Aloe Vera and Jojaba Esters to soften and prevent fading.

Lastly, Maintain the Main Shampoo is suited for daily use for normal to thick hair. Ingredients such as Evening Primrose Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Red Spider Flower work together to inject moisture, soften and maintain the hairs overall condition. Apply our shampoos’ liberally, massaging into the scalp before washing out completely.

Thirdly, we Moisturise

Complete the steps and use the matching conditioner to the shampoo you used. Apply liberally and focus on the ends, if your hair isn’t oily you can work the product up to the scalp using gentle pressure. Comb through with a wet brush or comb before washing. If you wanted a deeper clean, replace the conditioner with one of our luxurious masques. See here for more info.


TIP: You probably haven’t thought much when it comes to the temperature of water you use when rinsing your hair, however it makes a difference. Cooler water works best, especially when the hair has bright copper, red or fashion pastel tones in it. Cold water will encourage the cuticle to stay closed and therefore retain the colour in the hair for longer. For optimal results, use lukewarm for detoxing and cleansing and cool for an invigorating to lock in the love.

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