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Product Highlight - Style Guru

Product Highlight - Style Guru

O&M Product Highlight: 

August 2021 Edition

Welcome to the O&M product highlight, a bi-weekly feature in which O&M’s marketing team discuss our favourite product, how to use it, product benefits & pro styling tips. This week we're taking a moment to appreciate the ultimate styling base. A diverse product to provide a little texture, or greater volume with a blow dry. 

Style Guru was formulated from the necessary desire to create a multitude of looks and styles for any occasion, creating movement, adding body and enhancing natural curls. The obsession over versatility makes this product a bathroom cabinet staple and a team favourite.

“Let me state for the record: This stuff is BETTER than any other styling product I have used before. Its buttery texture melts between my fingertips before running the product through the mid lengths of my hair. I have always found it difficult to procure base products that layer easily without creating heavy build up. Style Guru maximises definition with an added curl-boost, working best as a foundation when applied on towel dried or 70% dry hair. My hair routine has been fairly consistent for the last few years, I'm inclined to use a volume based shampoo and conditioner, fine intellect is my go-to. I will swap out my conditioner for a hair mask once or twice a week, preferably in combination with a face mask. The beauty of styling with such a powerful product means a small amount goes a long way, pressing Style Guru into my strands then combing my hair back into a tight low bun is definitely the quickest and best style for days in the office, at home or weekends spent running errands”. - Rebekah

The quintessential ingredients for a product with so much diversity include a range of hydrating and collagen boosting superfoods to tame the frizz and build body. Quandong is a naturally derived Australian desert plant extract high in vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids. Vitamin E is an intense antioxidant and moisturising oil and of course, Shea Butter for hydration and the O&M Signature Oil Blend of Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia Oil to smooth and soften the hair texture all working in combination to keep the hair healthy and nourished.

“This product has been a vital part of my hair routine, whether I'm trying to achieve an effortless blow out, slicked back bun or ponytail. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the texture as I tend to have finer hair. Now with the knowledge of correct application, Style Guru is a product I reach for almost daily. I occasionally use it in combination with Surf Bomb, both products work cohesively to maximise definition with an added wave-boost. Combining products allows me to achieve so many versatile looks, it's the perfect balance of smooth defined locks and texturised dimension”. - Olivia

Steps to style in combination with Surf Bomb:

  1. Let's start with the wash - adding extra hydration where possible can’t hurt, right? Hydrate and Conquer works as the perfect first step for a nourishing wash ritual, simultaneously strengthening and you guessed it, hydrating the hair. The scalp is considered one of the most absorbent parts of the body, it's so important to use products that are free from harsh and nasty chemicals!
  2. Towel dry (tip: with a microfibre towel to control frizz). Your hair should still feel damp through the ends.
  3. Place about half a pump of Style Guru in the palm of your hand and rub together to ensure an even amount of product is pressed into the strands.
  4. Rub, press or comb the product through the mid lengths of the hair, if you have luscious curls, use this step to push product up and back into the base of the head, encouraging the curls to perk up. Hydrated curls are happy curls, apply more product if needed!
  5. Spritz Surf Bomb through the lengths of the hair, use your fingers to comb lightly, ensuring the products grabs, giving you the desired natural tousled look we all crave.
  6. It's time to pull out the heat tools! Curls, natural waves and everything in between - watch the O&M how to style your curls naturally tutorial
  7. Add an extra spritz of Surf Bomb to finish the look.

Deciding how your hair looks, should ideally make you feel more in control of your life: that's true, for sure. Style Guru is the no-fuss styling product that allows you to discover a new chance for exploration, nourishes and magnifies shine, while calming down cuticles to combat frizz. Check out the O&M Style Story on Style Guru HERE 

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